Our Tours and Covid-19

We want to assure our guests that they will not only have an enjoyable experience but, also a safe experience with us. With the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world, we have stepped up our cleaning and social distancing practices. 


All of our crafts and equipment are sanitized and washed down after each tour. All of our crafts are stored outdoors under our powerful and UV abundant Florida sunny skies, which has been proven to be an excellent disinfectant against Covid-19.

Social Distancing!

Our tours are already organized to be of a "semi-private" nature, meaning that individuals DO NOT share a craft with someone from another party. All crafts are required to be roughly 50' apart from each other and in a single file fashion while traveling. We will ask that all guests maintain their crafts to be at least 6' apart while stopped in the water during conversation and/or observation. If your tour includes a stop at an island, we will beach each craft individually and disembark those guests before bringing in another craft and disembarking the next guests on to the beach and then we will do so in reverse order when leaving the island. We are using the same method of beaching as we do for our original departure from the docks and our final arrival from the tour.

We have completed several tours since this event has began and have been complimented highly of how well we have cared for our guests. If any of our guests have any recommendations to further improve our measures, we ask that you let us know so we can implement the safest procedures possible!

We appreciate the support during these trying times and hope to see you on the water with us!