The Best Tour Experience! Now In Fort Myers Beach!

We Are The ORIGINAL Craig-Cat Tour!

Backwater Adventure began this breathtaking, unique way of touring the beautiful waters of SWFL in 2011 in Marco Island and has now expanded, bringing the same great, fun, one of a kind experience to Fort Myers Beach!

This is an interactive adventure which seeks wildlife, sea life, adventure and beauty. Not your everyday guided tour at all when you get to DRIVE YOUR OWN BOAT! Your guide is driving his boat in front of you keeping you safe and pointing out the sights. Winding through the Mangroves and zipping across the open waters is an experience best had only a few inches off the water! The waters around Fort Myers Beach have an abundance of wildlife including many dolphins, manatees, shore birds and other sea life that may be seen along the way. Take a cruise around the ever popular Lovers Key and enjoy the company of a guide who is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to giving 100% towards giving our guests the best water experience they've ever had!

About the Craig-Cat!

The Craig-Cat is an exceptionally unique watercraft! This 2-seat, 30 Horsepower outboard engine driven speed boat allows our guests to go up to speeds nearing 30 mph! The boat allows for a much more intimate ride than similar watercraft such as waverunners or jetskis  for our guests...allowing them to sit in a relaxed, comfortable position and able to stretch out. Conversation is much easier between driver and rider on the Craig-Cat thanks to the design of the seats being side by side rather than forward and behind.

The Craig-Cat is known for being very stable and very safe as well as easy to operate. After a short 10 minute instructional speech, you will have all the know how needed to operate the vessel.

The Craig-Cat offers a space for a complimentary cooler provided by us filled with bottled water and ice already. The Craig-Cat also has a small drybox built on the boat to place your belongings safe from any splashes!

 Pictures throughout the tour will be taken by the guide. We will capture pictures of you, the scenery and any exciting moment that comes up along the way to email to you for keepsake! 

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Q: How old do you have to be to drive the Craig-Cat?

A: You must be 18 or older with a valid drivers license to drive the Craig-Cat.

Q: How old must you be to go on the Craig-Cat Tour?

A: You must be at least 5 years old and accompanied with a licensed adult to ride on the Craig-Cat Tour. Persons between 5-15 years old are required to wear a life vest at all times when underway.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Pack small! Small items such as sunscreen, phones, wallets, keys, shelling bags and cameras usually fit into the built in drybox on each boat. Guests typically bring towels and place them on the seat. You are more than welcome to bring other drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks as well! Beach attire is normally the best attire depending on the weather. Be sure to check the forecast/temperatures before heading out the door in case you may need a light jacket!

Q: Are alcoholic beverages permitted?

A: Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from being brought on the Craig-Cat tour. All Craig-Cat Drivers must be under the legal limit of intoxication.

Q:What if our party size is an odd number, such as 3 or 5, etc?

A:  2 people must be in each boat that goes out on the tour (excluding the guide boat).  In the event you have an odd number in your party, one person will ride with the guide on his boat. There will be opportunities to switch drivers and riders during the tour. 

Q: Is there a restroom break during the tour?

A: Unfortunately there is not. We suggest using the restrooms before going on the trip at the Nauti Parrot

Q: Is There a weight limit?

A:  Yes, there is a 300lb / person weight limit. This limit is put forward by the manufacturer for safety purposes. Although it may seem rude, it is possible that the guide may ask your weight if you seem to be nearing or well over the limit. This is important to insure we do not overload the boat and put you in any danger of capsizing.

Please call us if you have any questions! 239-877-4531


Located at:

The Nauti Parrot Dock Bar

19001 San Carlos Blvd

Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931